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Text 12 Jun Guest Post by Micha Cohen

Guest Post by Micha Cohen

I first met Micha in the early 2000s when he and my brother were both doing internships with Jews for Jesus.  I came to visit and we played a lot of Super Smash Brothers and Mafia.  Micha is one of the most humble people I know and one of the best missionaries I know.  He has a heart for everyone he meets.  I asked Micha to guest blog for me and just share his heart.  So please read, share,…

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Text 7 Jun Home Coming

“Bless the Lord oh my soul, oh my soul, worship his holy name.  Sing like never before oh my soul I’ll worship His holy name.”

My heart cannot even process the feelings I have right now.  But I think this song says a lot about how awesome our God is.  I am not coming home with any good news; just the plain fact that I will be home makes me so excited.
I have been hospitalized for almost two weeks,…

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